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New campus collaboration space opens today: Welcome to Launchpad

Space offers opportunity for students and employers to connect.

Students and employers connect in many ways, through part-time jobs, internships, course projects, graduate assistantships and post-graduate employment.

Now Missouri State University’s Divisions of Student Affairs and Community and Global Partnerships have partnered to offer a collaborative space ideal for connecting students with employment and business opportunities.

We call it Launchpad.

What's in a name?

This is a new physical space (well, at least new to us) in Plaster Student Union 141 where big things will happen.

It will be a more centralized location for students and departments to drop off employment paperwork. You can ask questions about employment or have paperwork reviewed.

You can have resumes reviewed or get valuable feedback on how to search for and land the job you want.

Students will meet new opportunities, employers will offer materials about jobs, businesses will meet with students for a multitude of reasons, and we’ll support more students as they gain momentum toward their futures.

And, with a location right behind Starbucks, students will be reminded as they get a morning pick-me-up that they need to figure out a way to pay for their caffeine habit.

Rolling out the plans

The use of the space will evolve in the coming months, with more and more offerings rolling out to campus throughout the 2023-24 academic year.

Stay tuned to the Career Center, Student Employment Services and PSU social media to find out more.