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What it takes to have a grant land on top

Register for grant writing workshops.

A strong grant application holds the power to turn vision into reality. It’s the process through which organizations, researchers and individuals secure money to implement projects, conduct research and drive change.

While the rewards can be immense, the journey through grant writing can be challenging – testing your resilience, strategy and you (or your organization’s) ability to compel the funders to action.

This fall, we’re offering two grant writing workshops, led by Christina Ryder, CEO of The Grant well, LLC. Let her expertise:

  • Lead you through the grant landscape.
  • Reveal how to develop a results-oriented proposal.
  • Uncover funding sources.
  • Show you how to navigate through complex guidelines and requirements.

Crunching the numbers

Many people shy away from numbers, whether it be financials or the post-implementation analysis and measurement.

However, these parts of the granting process could not be more invaluable. 

Ryder will offer guidance on budgeting wisely to reflect your organization’s goals and the grantor’s allocation stipulations. 

She will also outline best practices for measuring impact.