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Proactive leader, Heather Noggle, creates a thriving business

I started as a reluctant entrepreneur,explained Codistac owner, Heather Noggle, who took on an unexpected journey into creating a thriving business.

Before the breakthrough

Growing up in Michigan and later settling in Springfield, Noggle earned a degree in Communications Management from SMSU (now Missouri State University). This is where she ventured into the world of human resources.  


After gaining experience in Mizzou’s HR department, she eventually returned to St. Louis, where she contributed her expertise to St. Louis County.  


“I did tech and HR at both Mizzou and St. Louis County because I had both skills,” she said. 


She continued to gain work experience in software development and tech consultancy throughout the early 2000s. One of her clients was Export Internet Trade Systems, and then she continued to work for them until a surprise offer led her to acquire it in 2017.   


Noggle rebranded it to Global Wizard, which she successfully managed until December 2022.  


Global Wizard is now known as Trabex. Simultaneously, Noggle founded Codistac in 2017, which has since become her primary focus.  

Demonstrating commitment

Noggle’s commitment to her career doesn’t go unnoticed. She has proactively stayed in tune with technology and took it upon herself to train in cybersecurity. Her expertise has earned her appearances on numerous podcasts and speaking engagements, and she has championed cybersecurity for small businesses through a dedicated public service brand.


With Codistac, she extends her cybersecurity services. Her active engagement on LinkedIn, where she regularly writes and interacts with users, has earned her the prestigious Top Security Awareness Voice badge.


Noggle notes that she’s also building packages to work on cybersecurity culture and awareness training with larger institutions. She also offers blended cybersecurity packages involving tech job descriptions and hiring.

About Codistac

The place where people and technology meet. 


Users’ beneficial services include: 

  • Technical Branding – discovering their audience and how technical the language should be about a technical product that serves non-technical people. 
  • Software Requirements – placing emphasis on what software needs to do, when, how, and who’s using it.  
  • Technology Speaking/Writing – learning how to make technical concepts accessible to non-technical interested parties.  
  • WordPress security – about half of small business websites run on WordPress and many don’t know how to keep the information safe. 
  • Security within New/Existing Business Processes – designing clear processes to keep information security private data private.