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Code Labs graduate finds opportunities with AECI

Partnership with codefi breaks job market barriers

It’s no secret that today’s job market is competitive.

Chris Carnell with Codefi explains, “the job market has been incredibly tough for the tech industry the past year. Even though we had one of our best cohorts of Code Labs graduate in June, we knew we were going to have to put in some serious effort to help get grads employed.”

Those efforts paid off.

Savon Williams, Code Labs graduate, is now employed under Chris Lazzaro at Associated Electric Co-op Inc.(AECI).

In contrast to their traditional hiring approach, Lazzaro collaborated with Penmac Staffing, focusing on sourcing local talent. Among the many promising candidates Penmac presented, Savon was the perfect fit for the Real-Time Energy Management System team.

“Even though Savon didn’t come in with experience in SCADA or in electrical systems, he’s been able to grow through his ability to rapidly acclimate to unfamiliar technologies, oversee and self-manage his tasks right from the get-go, and align and coordinate closely with team efforts,” explains Lazzaro.

Preparing for the workforce

Code Labs, a collaboration between codefi and efactory, holds a special place in the heart of CIO Lazzaro. He appreciates the incredible opportunities it extends to individuals who face financial barriers when pursuing a traditional university education – especially in technical or professional programming.

Instead, Code Labs takes an approach to uplift demographic groups that are often underemployed and places them in roles that bring out their potential. 

AECI's dedication to the community

AECI provides low-cost, reliable power to rural communities. But they are also proud to celebrate diversity within the workforce, understanding that strength emerges from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

The company invests significantly in its employees, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to not just succeed but thrive in their roles.

“AECI is deeply rooted in the community, and our vision is to amplify that connection,” says Lazzaro. “When we provide for our employees, they close the circle by giving back to the community, reinforcing our commitment to growth and mutual support.”

AECI is a committed corporate partner of efactory, and as such, they look for continued tangible collaboration and new opportunities, such as their venture with Code Labs.