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Budding businesses tackle boot camp

When someone’s ready to start a business, we’re there for them. It’s what we do. That’s because we’ve got specialized experience in helping entrepreneurs, scaling businesses and seeing the big picture. We also know there are lots of pieces to consider. We want businesses to succeed!

It’s why we’ve been offering the no-cost Early-Stage Business Boot Camp. The class provides foundational knowledge and gives these aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners a chance to focus on where they’re headed.

Beyond listening to experts share about the tasks associated with starting and growing a business, participants are guided through the:

  • Creation of a business narrative and/or growth strategy plan.
  • Development of three-year financial projections for their business.
  • Networks of resources that are available at their fingertips (and now they know where to look).
  • Loan application and investment process.

Our fall 2023 cohort of the Early-Stage Business Boot Camp just launched at efactory.

Congratulations – we cannot wait to see all that you’re ready to do!

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