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Art and design students design innovative and thoughtful awards for Innovation Accelerator

As the first-ever Innovation Accelerator at Missouri State draws near, we’ve enlisted the assistance of some very talented students to champion an important piece of the event: designing the awards.

Joshua Albersart and design students used the fabrication lab at Brick City to make their designs come to life.

They conceptualized these awards with very few parameters and absolutely crushed it.


  • Gears grinding with a Bear head logo on the award base – to emphasize the focus on ingenuity and engineering innovatively.
  • A Bear climbing a tree – to highlight how this program will bring ideas to new heights.
  • A lightbulb with the Bear head logo floating almost impossibly inside.
  • A racecar driving Bear – to symbolize the speed at which change can come about.

And so many more.

We were incredibly impressed with the intentionality behind the designs these students put forth and can’t thank them – or Albers – enough for tackling this assignment with such energy.

It’s an exciting day to be a Bear. Which one was the winner? I guess you’ll have to wait and see.