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Meet your judges, resource team and coaches for the Innovation Accelerator

A big part of making the Innovation Accelerator a success is getting a big team together with one central idea: We want to help these ideas get to a yes.

That’s why we bring together a robust group of leaders for you to have easy access to throughout the event.

Your judges

The judges for the first-ever MSU Innovation Accelerator will be:

  • President Clif Smart.
  • Provost John Jasinski.
  • Teresa Coyan, Chief of Staff at CoxHealth.

Your coaches

Some of our business coaches work with entrepreneurs, startups and business owners daily at efactory.

They answer questions, provide guidance, suggest changes and assist in any number of ways.

They have a strong grasp on what it takes for an idea to come to fruition and how to evaluate the efficiency of them.

They are:

  • Chrystal Irons.
  • Lance Coffman.
  • Sandra Smart.
  • Mel Steele.
  • Craig Frazier.

Your resource team

We’ve gathered an amazing cross-campus group with deep expertise in a variety of areas as your resource team.

They know the stumbling blocks and how to plan for the challenges.

Tap into these individuals throughout the day to get their advice and pick their brains.

  • Tara Benson.
  • Ken Brown.
  • Jeff Coiner.
  • Bradley Cooper.
  • Laura Derrick.
  • Teresa Frederick.
  • David Hall.
  • Teresa Haney.
  • Rob Hornberger.
  • Brad Kielhofner.
  • Natalie McNish.
  • Jeff Mitchell.
  • Rob Moore.
  • Matt Morris.
  • Andrea Mostyn.
  • Cindy Schull.
  • Scot Scobee.
  • Stephanie Smith.
  • Beth Walker.
  • Andrea Weber.
  • Kelly Wood.


Thank you all for setting aside time to participate. We know you – and all the participants – will have an experience that you won’t forget.