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Highlights of the first-ever MSU Innovation Accelerator

All the excitement and great ideas

Our first-ever MSU Innovation Accelerator was a huge success (even though we had no power for a tiny bit).

We had fantastic participants who shared their 1-minute pitches and then built strong arguments on behalf of the top 5 ideas. 

Check out highlights from the early part of the day:

If you see the participants around, thank them for being so willing to share their ideas and build something great.

While President Clif Smart said that all ideas are going to be explored and should be commended, the judges panel did select two teams to be awarded top ranking.


  • IT Project Management – initially brought forth by Brian Edmond
  • Art on Campus – initially presented by Cooper Sago


Members of these winning teams are listed below:


  • Cooper Sago, Art on Campus
  • Gabby Bonasera, Art on Campus
  • Jeremy Chesman, Art on Campus
  • Kara Coonrod, Art on Campus
  • Olivia Grandberry, Art on Campus
  • Ingrid Hintze, Art on Campus
  • Zoe Isaacson, Art on Campus
  • John Matthews, Art on Campus
  • Laurie Wilson, Art on Campus
  • Brian Edmond, IT Project Management
  • Christina Bowles, IT Project Management
  • Amy Daniels, IT Project Management
  • Briar Douglas, IT Project Management
  • Christy Graham, IT Project Management
  • Annie Hall, IT Project Management
  • Scott Jones, IT Project Management
  • Janae Kiely, IT Project Management
  • Krista Lair, IT Project Management
  • Ben Metzger, IT Project Management
  • Dee Dee Mings, IT Project Management
  • Angela Young, IT Project Management



In addition to seeing their ideas come to fruition, these teams will also be awarded a 3D printed award designed by student Britney Spangenberg of Joshua Albers’ design class. 

We’re thankful for all of the support in building this event on campus.