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Relive the magic of the Brick City Ribbon Cutting

Growth: You make it all possible. Whether that’s by being a faithful member who spreads the news about what you do here, or if you’re a community supporter who shares about resources to new, aspiring or growing businesses.

We really couldn’t do it without you.

Now we’ve spread beyond our many walls at the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center and into Brick City 3, Level 3. It’s Coworking @ Brick, but it’s not what you imagine when you think of traditional coworking spaces. It’s shared amenities, with a bit more privacy for those confidential conversations. It’s collaboration space and focus areas.

It’s all about what you need.


Wade Shelton leads the program.Wade Shelton leads the program.
efactory team photo.efactory team photo.
Members talk during open house.Members talk during open house.
Members of the Brick City Design Studio.Members of the Brick City Design Studio.
Open house.Open house.
Rachel Anderson at the mic.Rachel Anderson at the mic.
Chamber team.Chamber team.
Amy Jackson talks to efactory member.Amy Jackson talks to efactory member.
Stephanie Matthews speaks to community member.Stephanie Matthews speaks to community member.
Drs. John Jasinski and James Stapleton talk.Drs. John Jasinski and James Stapleton talk.
Confetti cannon explosion.Confetti cannon explosion.
Mayor Ken McClure speaks.Mayor Ken McClure speaks.
Leadership Springfield talks with Paula Moore.Leadership Springfield talks with Paula Moore.
Rachel Anderson and Brad Bodenhausen.Rachel Anderson and Brad Bodenhausen.
Two people speak at Coworking @ Brick.Two people speak at Coworking @ Brick.
Group gathers in foyer.Group gathers in foyer.
Dedication of the eFactory co-working space in Brick City on November 7, 2023. Jesse Scheve/Missouri State UniversityDedication of the eFactory co-working space in Brick City on November 7, 2023. Jesse Scheve/Missouri State University

Thank you to the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, the Springfield Innovation Inc. Board of Directors, the Missouri State leadership team, our efactory members, the many funders who believed in us, and you – wherever you fall – for supporting us along the way.