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OMNI RTLS secures their first contracts

The inmate tracking technology finds a home in both Franklin and Buchanan County jails.

Tech innovation constantly reshapes industries. In a correctional facility, that means more than just speeding up processes. It can be lifesaving.

OMNI Real Time Location System (OMNI RTLS) was designed with that in mind. Now, staff and inmates at both Franklin County Adult Detention Center and the Buchanan County Jail will both benefit from this new technology.  

 OMNI provides safe, secure, real-time tracking of inmates and staff.  This cutting-edge software automatically displays the accurate locations and interactions of all inmates and staff in a correctional facility.

This is accomplished with tamper-proof inmate bracelets that track biometric data. Tracking devices provided to staff members include emergency response buttons. Modern, compact receivers throughout the facility track thousands of targets simultaneously.

 All real-time tracking data is recorded allowing staff members to determine the location of an individual at any previous point in time. Moreover, OMNI’s positioning accuracy is so precise it can be used to track proximity between two or more inmates, thus enabling contact tracing to track communicable diseases.

 Franklin County and Buchanan County are OMNI’s first contracts. Led by Alison Lamphear, Nic Lamphear and Harold (Dusty) Klinger, the team has a wealth of correctional experience, and they understand how to keep inmates and employees safe. The company’s goal is to enhance security for both staff and inmates behind the fence. 

 “These first contracts are everything to us. We couldn’t ask for better facilities or better clients to go through this process with,” Nic explained. “We’ve been experiencing growth at a much faster pace than we were initially planning,” he added. “We are extremely proud to be innovating and launching OMNI in our home state of Missouri.”

 OMNI officially launched in August 2023 at the Missouri Sheriff’s Association (MSA) conference. After the conference, the team was approached by numerous Sheriffs responsible for detention and corrections in their jurisdictions, each interested in learning more about how OMNI could optimize their operations. 

Built in the Midwest

The OMNI RTLS team has spent significant time custom coding and testing their product at the efactory located in Springfield Missouri.

Prior to public release, OMNI underwent rigorous testing in a maximum-security correctional facility in Oklahoma. This testing proved that OMNI was up for the challenge of operating in a harsh environment constructed of concrete and steel.

 In addition to their two current contracts, OMNI has been contacted by several distribution companies. The companies want to provide OMNI RTLS to their existing clients across the correctional, educational, and healthcare sectors. 

“We are extremely excited for the additional opportunities and growth that 2024 has in store for us,” Nic says. 

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Overcoming obstacles with support

“Getting a business off the ground can feel like tackling 1,000 tiny problems. It doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day.” Nic says.

Even facing challenges, OMNI has been successful. They credit their success to the wonderful support network of friends, family, and resources provided by the efactory. They are extremely thankful for the many ways that they have all pitched in. 

 Another thing they’re thankful for? Free caffeine and a wonderful working environment. 

“Dusty Klinger and I have spent a lot of time abusing the efactory’s coffee and available white boards on development nights,” Nic says.