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Southwest Missouri: Innovation ecosystem on the rise!

Collaborating to better support innovators in the region.

We are buzzing with excitement about the future of innovation in southwest Missouri. You know, we’re constantly talking about collaboration and how key it is to fostering a thriving tech and entrepreneur scene. That’s why we were pumped to be part of the MTC Regional Node Planning Grant and the corresponding Roundtable hosted by the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce last week.

This Roundtable brought together area leaders, including representatives from Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, Codefi, Southwest Missouri Council of Governments, and of course, us – all with a shared vision: turning southwest Missouri into a hotbed of innovation and opportunity.

We spent the afternoon dissecting the current state of our region’s tech-entrepreneurship scene. We talked about the awesome support systems already in place across Missouri, and brainstormed ways to make them even better. The ultimate goal? To craft a game plan that supercharges our regional capacity for innovation and ignites the entrepreneurial spirit in southwest Missouri.

This Roundtable marked the first chapter of a new era. The Regional Node Planning grant, awarded by the Missouri Technology Corporation last November, is fueling this initiative. It’s all about investing in the technological infrastructure, nurturing entrepreneurs, and propelling economic development throughout the region.

Think about it: by providing top-notch tech training and offering support services to make the road to entrepreneurship less stressful, we’re not just empowering Missourians with the skills to land high-paying jobs, we’re also creating a wave of new high-tech opportunities! It’s a win for everyone – individuals, the community, and the entire southwest Missouri region.

This is just the beginning, folks! Stay tuned for more updates on how we’re transforming southwest Missouri into a haven for innovation and tech-fueled success.