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Rachel Anderson Earns a Spotlight in Authority Magazine

Leading with good intent

Leadership styles makes a big difference in an organization – we all know that. It can pump up or deplete morale. It can drive change and create innovation. And we are thrilled to share the news that Rachel Anderson, Executive Director of efactory at Missouri State University, has been featured in a Leading with the Heart article in Authority Magazine 

This article showcases Rachel’s commitment to empowering others. Most of us at efactory already know that Rachel is an amazing leader. This article dives into the journey that shaped her. 

Growing up, she had an amazing support team that empowered her to take whatever path she wanted. She also met role models along the way who provided life advice like stepping out of your comfort zone every day.  

Most importantly, she learned the value of listening for understanding, saying yes more often, and being grateful for the network around you – it’s how she learned to foster an environment of collaboration. 

Rachel’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring leaders. Her dedication to building a strong community, coupled with her strategic vision and continuous improvement, has not only revitalized a local area but also empowered countless individuals to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.