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City Utilities joins efactory partner program

Partnership expands opportunities.

City Utilities joins the ranks of efactory’s esteemed partner program, solidifying their commitment to fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Springfield, Missouri, and propelling innovation across the southern Missouri region. This partnership transcends a simple corporate sponsorship. It’s a strategic alliance designed to empower both established leaders like City Utilities and the future game-changers emerging from efactory’s programs.

Fueling Connections and Growth

Our partner program provides a unique platform for collaboration. Local innovators and job creators gain invaluable access to a network of accomplished partners like City Utilities. This fosters vital connections that can open doors to mentorship, crucial industry insights and so much more.

Imagine a startup company with a revolutionary solution – their connection with a partner like City Utilities could be the spark that ignites their path to success.

Building a Brighter Future, Together

City Utilities’ partnership with efactory underscores their dedication to being more than just a utility provider. They are actively engaged in shaping the future of Springfield and the surrounding region.

“It is great to see the former poultry processing plant, which was at one time CU’s largest water customer, be transformed into a center for creating new jobs, building talent and supporting businesses,” said Gary Gibson, President & CEO of City Utilities.

By investing in the entrepreneurial spirit, City Utilities is helping build a more robust economy, brimming with innovation and opportunity. The future is bright for Springfield’s entrepreneurs, and City Utilities is here to help them shine.

About the Partner Program

Our Partner Program is designed for organizations committed to entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development in southwest Missouri. Partners receive valuable annual benefits along with their support of efactory programs and economic impact.

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