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Cohort 3 barrels through halfway point

We’re halfway done

Do you ever look around and wonder where the last six weeks went? These folks just did.

Cohort 3 has reached the halfway point. Nobody has cried yet (that we’ve seen), and we’re moving fast toward the finish line. Check out what the teams were up to this week and where they’re headed.

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby

Accelerator teams headed into investment territory this week.

They heard it all –  the good, the bad, and the ugly. Teams sat down with investors, portfolio managers, and startups that have raised capital. It’s a lot to take in, so we’re doubling down and focusing on all things investment again next week.

Weekly Digest

  • Investor Pitch Decks with Rachel Anderson, efactory
  • Investor Relations 101 with Zach Swartz, BKD Wealth Advisors
  • What Investors are Looking For with Guy Colby Mace, Baron VC
  • Innovation Bootcamp (part 4 of 4) with SBTDC
  • Investor Overview with Jim Carr, Mayhem Development
  • Taking on Investment & Making Your Pitch with Jeff Wasson
  • What Investors are Looking For with Dan Cobb
  • Investor Pitch Decks and How to Use Them in Meetings with Andrew Cafourek and Nick Trusty, Alumni Spaces

Demo Day is Coming

Teams are prepping day and night for Demo Day. Get yourself registered today to hold your seat – and invite your friends! You won’t want to miss the team’s exciting announcements and milestones reached. We’re hosting it here at the efactory and can’t wait to see you.