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Youth Coding League Introduces 5th-8th Graders to Coding and Computer Science

The Youth Coding League expanded into southwest Missouri this past fall and was offered at both schools and community organizations serving 5th-8th graders. Funded by grants from the Missouri Technology CorporationCrowder College, and powered by Codefi, efactory, and the Innovate Southern Missouri initiative, the Youth Coding League has 21 southwest Missouri schools and organizations on the spring 2023 roster.

Local Boys and Girls Club of Springfield units hosted Youth Coding League teams. CEO Brandy Harris highlighted, that “this program has helped many of our club members grow confident in their abilities and has given them shared goals to work toward. I am looking forward to offering this program to new youth in the spring and I am excited to see their work!”

Boy moves mouse on computer screen.

Working through competitive regular and postseasons during the course of a semester, coders learn and work together as a team each week as coding concepts are introduced in a project-based learning environment. Rankings are live on leaderboards each week so coders can see how they rank both individually and as part of a team. The postseason bracket-style competition showcases group projects that showcase everything coders learned throughout the season in the competition with projects from across the league, which spans eight states this spring.

Leagues supported by the Missouri Technology Corporation in a grant awarded to Missouri State University – efactory:

  • Buchanan Intermediate (Branson) 5/6
  • Cedar Ridge Intermediate (Branson) 5/6
  • Fremont Unit, Boys & Girls Club of Springfield 5/6
  • Henderson Unit, Boys & Girls Club of Springfield 5/6
  • McGregor Unit, Boys & Girls Club of Springfield 5/6
  • Musgrave Unit, Boys & Girls Club of Springfield 5/6
  • O’Reilly Unit, Boys & Girls Club of Springfield 5/6
  • Pershing Middle School (Springfield) 5/6 and 7/8