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Remote workers rejoice: Springfield is #1

You already love Springfield – how could you not?

But it hasn’t always received the respect it deserves for professional growth.

The Wall Street Journal has changed that.

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Great news for our members

The Wall Street Journal’s ranking recognizes the Springfield community for its offerings of (relatively) low cost of living and incredible quality of life (like reveling in the beauty of the Ozarks). Respondents to the survey also noted access to high-speed internet and airports (that connect them to larger hubs) as key ingredients to making Springfield a winner.

Our efactory support services – including coworking spaces, business support resources and talent development opportunities – are a major factor in improving the professional life for remote workers.

“As efactory approaches our 10th anniversary, we’re very excited to have this type of recognition for our community,” said Rachel Anderson, executive director of efactory. “Our members are vital to the economic growth of our community, and we want to see them continue to thrive.”

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Vision becoming reality

The Springfield community has a rich history of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic vitality – and we’ve been seeing that expand into the whole region in more recent years.

Beyond the fact that we’re excited that Springfield is listed as #1, it’s not shocking that Joplin is also listed as #2. Bravo to Joplin – way to go, Missouri!

This spotlight and recognition from such a universally trusted source (👋 WSJ) will only continue to help others see what we already know: Springfield is a wonderful place to live and work.

What we said in 2020 in our love letter to SGF has stood the test of time – Springfield has more opportunity now than ever before.

Oh, and one more thing, in that love letter, we shared about a vision of Springfield becoming the city of choice. Looks like we’ve manifested that, at least to some degree, already.

“We truly believe Springfield, Missouri is positioned to become the city of choice for entrepreneurs, innovators, trailblazers and generally cool and interesting people. Why couldn’t it be here? We’ve got all the right ingredients and plenty of exciting things on the horizon.”