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Jordan Valley Innovation Center launches first Call for Projects for the Advanced Manufacturing Node Grant program

Proposals accepted through June 15, 2023.

The manufacturing of some essential products shouldn’t be outsourced. It’s a risk to national security.

With the new Advanced Manufacturing Node Grant program, the Roy Blunt Jordan Valley Innovation Center (JVIC) at Missouri State University aims to invest in projects that focus on addressing this issue and enhancing the semiconductor industry in Missouri.

This Call for Projects came as a result of JVIC receiving $5.4 million from the Missouri Technology Corporation as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Resiliency Grant Program.

The competitive grants will be awarded to private sector projects that will focus on technology, infrastructure or workforce development to support and grow the semiconductor industry sector in Missouri.

“We’re excited to launch the Call for Projects and look forward to partnering with the private sector to deliver grant funding that will fortify an ecosystem of manufacturers focused on advanced technology development that will grow the semiconductor industry,” said Allen Kunkel, associate vice president for economic development and director of JVIC at MSU.

JVIC is the Missouri NextFlex Node

NextFlex, a leading member of Manufacturing USA Innovation Institutes that focuses on semiconductors and flexible hybrid electronics, approved the Missouri Node at JVIC in August 2022. This approval allows JVIC to increase the volume, pace and coordination of the development of flexible hybrid electronics and other semiconductor technologies.

It also gives JVIC access to greater resources due to the Manufacturing USA Innovation Institute’s partnerships and connections to:

  • The Advanced Manufacturing National Program office.
  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • The Department of Defense.
  • The Department of Energy.
  • NASA.
  • The National Science Foundation.
  • The Department of Education.
  • The Department of Agriculture.
  • The Department of Health and Humans Services.
  • The Department of Labor.

By design, Nodes foster collaboration with and among private businesses. It provides access to facilities, equipment and infrastructure to speed up the process from design to manufacturing.

“The Node at JVIC addresses national security concerns and supply chain issues by advancing technology innovation and manufacturing in the semiconductor industry,” said Kunkel.

About JVIC

JVIC is a unique innovation center model focused on partnering with businesses to create and advance new technologies. JVIC, with private sector partners, is a leading force in technology development focused on research and development in nanotechnology, materials and other advanced technologies, including semiconductor packaging and flexible electronics.

JVIC supports and strengthens companies in the semiconductor industry and allows Missouri companies to collaborate with other U.S. companies to bring new technologies and jobs to the state. JVIC seeks to attract new semiconductor technology companies to Missouri and promote significant economic growth.

JVIC is a collaborative partner with efactory since both share an emphasis on innovation and economic development.