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Nightly Guarantees 5-Star Reviews for Your Vacation Property

More than just property management

Scrolling through vacation rentals, searching for a safe, beautiful and luxurious place to stay, a 5-star review provides you with the confidence to book (and spend your hard-earned paycheck).   

As the property owner, a 5-star review is within reach, according to John Starks, co-founder of Nightly and efactory member.   

The keys? Investing in the right things and depending on Nightly. It’s a property management company that focuses on experience.    

“If we manage your house and a guest stays and leaves a four-star review, and it was something in our control, we waive our management fee,” Starks said. “We guarantee five-star reviews. Nobody else in this industry in the U.S. stands behind their service like we do.”   

As a father of six, Starks empathizes with property owners who purchase vacation rentals in search of passive income. After 20 years working a grueling schedule in a corporate job earning a paycheck, he realized he would still never meet his financial and retirement goals. That’s when he stepped away and decided to change course.   

Now he has helped to build Nightly to help individuals maximize their earning potential and protect their investment properties, because he understands the fear of property damage when renting out your space.    

“We cover up to $5 million worth of damage to your house before your policy would ever kick in. In addition to providing professional management, we’re protecting your investment,” he said. “We’re guaranteeing an amazing experience for your guests and you. No one else in the United States does that.”  

A promise backed by action

Since Nightly is guaranteeing a 5-star review for your property, they are selective with what properties they will manage, selecting only individuals that commit to providing high-quality linens and furnishings, regular maintenance and pest control, as well as assuring the properties are in desirable locations that have great amenities and meet traveler expectations of the area.   

After that initial litmus test to determine fit, Nightly takes care of the rest: the property management includes capturing professional photos, optimizing the listing, syndicating to more than a dozen sites, guest messaging, filing sales tax – everything.   

Taking care of people, start to finish, is a cornerstone of Nightly’s business practices. As a team, they wanted to build a business that would instill confidence in their customers, but they also care about providing employment opportunities in connection with ministry. Nightly does this by partnering with local ministries and churches to identify hard working individuals to help with cleaning and other maintenance – especially as Nightly’s property portfolio grows.