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Bringing your idea to life

Have an idea for creating an app? The journey from concept to commercialization can bring challenges and uncertainties. And to Sandra Smart, Technology and Commercialization Specialist, that’s a good thing.  

She has worked with many entrepreneurs in the process of bringing their technology to market. However, she often sees individuals getting excited about an idea and developing it without doing the fundamental pre-work. 


“Make sure that there is a problem or need that is being addressed,” Smart said. 

At the core of any successful app lies an understanding of customer needs and pain points. Before diving into development, it is important to conduct thorough customer discovery. This includes identifying a pressing problem or need within a target market and ensuring there is sufficient demand for a solution.  

Smart cautions against talking into an echo chamber or asking only your friends and family about your idea.  

“The biggest struggle I see is entrepreneurs aren’t talking to potential users,” Smart said. 

How do you find your perfect target market? She suggests identifying your top two or three segments and actively engaging with individuals who fit the profile. Conducting interviews and gathering feedback from these audiences can provide valuable insights. 

Conversation and Collaboration

No two entrepreneurial journeys are alike, and neither are the solutions they require.  

At efactory, it all starts with a consultation.  

“I’m curious to learn what stage they are at and making sure they have done their customer discovery. Then, it becomes a deeper conversation into what resources they need and how I can connect them to those,” Smart said.  

These discussions offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to engage in open dialogue with consultants and receive professional advice on the necessary steps forward. Our collaborative partnership with Codefi allows tech entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in tech-focused startup programs.

Here to Help

It can be overwhelming to create an app of your own, with efactory, Missouri SBDC at MSU, and Codefi you don’t have to. 


Are you ready to take the next step in developing your app?