The App Pros Launch New Remanufacturing Solution

May 4, 2022Members, News

The App Pros Launch New Remanufacturing Solution

The App Pros is excited to launch a remanufacturing solution that helps enterprises save time and money while improving analytics and insights. “I want to know my cost every step of the way.” That was the first requirement The App Pros heard from their client when discussing the solution, known today as Transmission Automated Solutions. From there, the team went to work building what is now the only complete software solution for the Transmission Remanufacturing and Retail industry.

Transmission Automated Solutions, or TAS for short, was born after two years of development and testing followed by two years of running in a live environment to prove all the processes. The real time analytics feature creates major cost savings for clients and boosts profit on every job performed.  With the pilot program completed, TAS is currently in the process of a soft launch with a select group of clients from across the country. The solution will make its public debut at September’s ATRA Powertrain Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

About The App Pros

The App Pros started building custom web and mobile applications for individuals and businesses in 2011. The software company has worked with local clients creating Cox Health System’s Virtual Visit solution, Loren Cook’s CookTools Utility, Penmac’s Slate Absence Management Solution, and KMT Waterjet’s global marketing mobile application. The App Pros focuses on building software solutions that help businesses remove redundant tasks that cost time and money, creating more time for people to do what they do best. Contact the team today for a free consultation to discuss your next big idea.

Salad Raises $17 Million Series A Funding Round to Pioneer Affordable Decentralized Cloud Computing Services

April 20, 2022Members, News Announces $17 Million Series A Funding Round

The startup will continue to pioneer affordable decentralized cloud computing services.

Salad, a compute-sharing network where gamers and everyday people exchange idle compute resources for rewards, today announced a $17 million Series A funding round to scale its cloud infrastructure and develop a new enterprise vertical for Web3 innovators. The round was led by Left Lane Capital and Origin Ventures with participation from Kickstart Seed Fund, Royal Street Ventures and Carthona Capital.

With one million downloads, 30,000 daily active nodes, and 100 PetaFLOPS peak processing power across its distributed network, Salad is disrupting the conventional cloud services marketplace with a decentralized alternative powered by the world’s idle gaming PCs. Exponential demand is radically outpacing the existing supply of commercially-available compute resources, the world is at peak centralization and the future web will be powered by millions of individuals around the globe. Salad has spent the past four years onboarding latent consumer-grade supply by incentivizing gamers to share computing resources, create a more equitable Internet, and power Salad’s workload-agnostic cloud services platform.

With 2.8 billion gamers worldwide, Salad has made substantial inroads in addressing an untapped supply of powerful consumer resources. The open-source Salad desktop application invites gamers to share storage, bandwidth and compute-cycles from their idle PCs securely and voluntarily. To encourage user contributions that power various high-performance computing tasks, Salad offers network participants meaningful rewards based on the amount of resources shared. To date, Salad’s dedicated community of “Salad Chefs” has contributed over 8,000 years of processing uptime to support the Ethereum network and other blockchain ecosystems.

“Computesharing is the catalyst for everything Web3 should be. At Salad, we’re building a future where millions of individuals can collaborate to achieve new technological milestones, and use the power of personal devices to compete directly with centralized cloud providers,” said Bob Miles, Founder and CEO of Salad Technologies. “With the help of thousands of Salad Chefs from across the world, our distributed network has already surpassed some of the world’s top data centers. This raise validates our mission to decentralize the cloud, and will make the world’s largest computing resource accessible to thousands more cloud customers and businesses.”

Having accomplished 10X network growth in 2021, Salad will use this latest funding round to expand its engineering team and accelerate the development of the SaladCloud platform. A new marketplace vertical will allow third-party enterprises to access and scale using Salad’s affordable, computesharing-powered cloud services.

“The Salad network is an incredibly unique asset. Proof of work mining has supplied the network a passive income generation stream and Salad is now targeting more specialized, discrete workloads with its powerful computing network. Salad’s core offering should appeal to any enterprise clients seeking affordable, elastic cloud solutions. We’re looking forward to supporting the Salad team as they and their volunteer community come together to build the world’s largest distributed data center,” said Derek Urben at Left Lane Capital.

“The future of cloud computing includes individually-owned resources networked together. We’re excited to support a team of innovators, engineers, and futurists dedicated to delivering a first-of-its-kind cloud solution,” added Brent Hill, Managing Partner at Origin Ventures.

Salad will scale its team from 20 to 70 within the year, focusing primarily on expanding its engineering department, but also seeking to enlist business development experts to help research, identify and onboard more enterprise customers for the SaladCloud distributed cloud services platform. Benjy Boxer, CEO & Co-Founder of Parsec, will also join Salad’s board of directors to provide growth strategy counsel.

About Salad Technologies

Salad Technologies is building a multi-purpose and entirely people-powered cloud computing platform. In a world where 400M powerful gaming PCs sit inactive for most of the day, Salad’s open-source desktop application empowers individuals to earn meaningful rewards from their privately owned hardware. Salad users contribute latent compute resources—like processing cycles and bandwidth—to support third-party workloads on a distributed network, where they redeem millions of games, gift cards, subscriptions, and other digital rewards every year. Salad is the easiest and most trusted way to computeshare.

With thousands of everyday webizens using Salad in 188 countries, the Salad computesharing network has fast become the world’s most distributed supercomputer. Salad now aims to disrupt the centralized cloud market by offering comparable, decentralized compute solutions at a fraction of the cost. The SaladCloud platform will soon power cryptomining pools, P2P gaming, VPN services, data synth deep learning, AI modeling, and anything else that takes hard crunching.

Salad Business Operations Manager Nathan Cole is a private office member at the efactory. 

Local Entrepreneur Launches Homeschool Hall to Connect Parents, Co-Ops and More

April 14, 2022Members, News

Local Entrepreneur Launches Homeschool Hall to Connect Parents, Co-Ops and More

Homeschooling in the United States is booming. The pandemic is cited by many as sparking new interest among parents in homeschooling, and numbers of homeschooled students in the U.S. have nearly doubled in recent years, climbing to around six million students nationwide. 

While these numbers continue to grow, access to local homeschooling information can still be hard to come by. Many families have trouble finding nearby co-ops, meetup groups, sports, or clubs designed specifically for homeschoolers. Search engines and social media often make it difficult to find these groups, and many parents have trouble connecting with others or finding complete lists of groups in their area. 

With a market flooded with newcomers who need help, local entrepreneur Sam Nichols knew homeschoolers needed a dedicated space to easily find and connect with others in their area – so he built it!

Meet Homeschool Hall

Homeschool Hall is a space dedicated to connecting homeschoolers. The online platform makes it easy for families to find local homeschool-related businesses and activities. Members can easily find and create listings for:

– co-ops, hybrids and communities
– sports teams
– curriculum stores
– homeschool tutors
– clubs and music programs
– and more!

These listings make Homeschool Hall a one-stop-shop where families can easily find the information they need for a successful homeschool experience. The directory also makes it easy for homeschool groups and businesses to be discovered by parents. These organizations have traditionally relied almost entirely on word-of-mouth marketing, and Homeschool Hall gives them an opportunity to showcase what they do and get in front of families.

The platform will grow to include even more features in coming months, including a homeschool events calendar; education tracking and lesson planning for parents; homeschool co-op and community management, and other great features to further serve the homeschool community.

About the Team

Homeschool Hall is built with love in Springfield, Missouri by Sam Nichols. Nichols is a successful entrepreneur with a background in digital product development who believes the homeschool community has been underserved by technology. He is excited to help families use Homeschool Hall to connect with other homeschoolers and enrich the journey of educating their children. Nichols is a private office member at the efactory.

Additional support for Homeschool Hall comes from Gretchen Peters, Founder of Pearls of Wisdom Academy, Steve Koenig, PhD, Owner of Koenig ACR Group, and Gabe Lumby, CPA, Owner of Lumby & Associates.

Purpose Connect Opens Beta Testing for Employers

April 12, 2022Members, News

Purpose Connect Opens Beta Testing for Employers

The job-matching platform connects employers to job seekers.

Connecting Employers to Job Seekers

Employers today face a variety of challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining high-performing employees. While positions sit vacant across many departments, human resource personnel spend valuable hours and dollars looking for candidates. 

Racheal ‘DAMI’ Odunewu is building Purpose Connect to solve this problem. Purpose Connect is transforming the way organizations hire with their targeted and personalized job matching platform that equips organizations to hire, retain, and engage top-tier employees.

Purpose Connect is excited to launch beta testing for employers who are looking for new and innovative solutions to today’s hiring challenges. Visit to learn more and contact to be part of the discounted pre-launch offer today!

About Purpose Connect

Purpose Connect is on a mission to transform the workplace with a job matching platform that offers targeted and personalized experiences for job applications while helping organizations reduce down-time and turnover.

Racheal ‘DAMI’ Odunewu, the founder of DAMI, LLC and Purpose Connect believes in the power of “making hiring more human.” The development and launch of the Purpose Connect MVP and employer beta testing is an exciting milestone for this local tech startup and efactory private office client. 

Contact to be part of the discounted employer beta period today!

BMC Offers Exclusive Discounts to efactory Members

March 24, 2022Members, News

BMC Offers Exclusive Savings to efactory Members

The digital marketing agency is offering exclusive discounts through the efactory member perks program.

A New Partnership with BMC

The efactory’s member perks program has grown again! We’re excited to welcome BMC – Bells Marketing Consultant to the list of providers offering exclusive savings to efactory client companies. 

BMC offers a wide range of digital services, including search engine optimization (SEO), paid social media advertising strategies, website development, and more. As part of the partnership, efactory members are eligible for 20% off social media management services for one year along with 20% off any web design services.

BMC founder Jonathan Bell understands the importance of supporting fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses and is an efactory coworking member himself.

Additional Discounts

The BMC discount is one of several benefits available to efactory client companies. Members are also eligible for savings from Oracle, HubSpot, and more.

Michael Bartlett Publishes ‘The Dark Side of CX’

March 11, 2022Members, News

Michael Bartlett Publishes "The Dark Side of CX"

The Dark Side of CX

An accomplished entrepreneur and author, Bartlett is excited to celebrate the release of his latest book, “The Dark Side of CX.” The title debuted at #1 in Amazon’s New Releases, Consumer Behavior category.

The book has been met with tremendous response from industry leaders, and Bartlett has shared his insights with many CX thought leaders. Find Bartlett featured as a recent and special guest on the following podcasts:

Crack the Customer Code – Ep. 477 with Michael Bartlett, The Dark Side of CX

Punk CX – Ep. 419 Moments that Shatter with Michael Bartlett

The CX Goalkeeper – Ep. 62 with Michael Bartlett

CX Passport – Ep. 51 with Michael Bartlett

MKL CX Podcast – Ep. 4 with Michael Bartlett

About "The Dark Side of CX"

Have you ever noticed how businesses all over the world seem to make the same customer experience mistakes over and over again? These mistakes are symptoms of the structures and mindsets present within most organizations.

In “The Dark Side of CX,” Michael Bartlett introduces a pattern language to explore the dark side of customer experience. Readers will learn the most common dark patterns, their root causes, and how to fix them.

Melding psychology, chess, evolutionary theory, and systems thinking, “The Dark Side of CX” breaks down the fascinating science behind bad customer experiences. Readers will understand why a knowledge of these patterns is essential when building, diagnosing and improving experiences within their own businesses.

About Michael Bartlett

Michael Bartlett is a serial founder and self-described philanthropreneur – an entrepreneur driven to make a difference in the world. He is a steadfast advocate for animal welfare and his training materials have raised thousands of dollars that have gone on to help animal rescues, shelters, and transport efforts.

Bartlett launched his first business, a record label, at age 16 before going on to found a SaaS learning platform and a film production company. Before moving into CX full-time, Bartlett worked as a consultant for Accenture and as a film director.

Michael Bartlett is the author of “CCXP Exam Preparation,” a pocket guide to the CCXP Exam, and the founder of Since 2017, Michael has helped over 1,000 students prepare for the certification. 

In addition to his charitable work, his passions include customer experience management, artificial intelligence, and chess. He resides in Missouri and frequently works from a private office at the efactory.

ECRI Launches Wrench Party Podcast

March 3, 2022Members, News

ECRI Launches Wrench Party Podcast

The team behind the successful wireless vehicle programmer has launched a podcast to connect off-road enthusiasts.

ECRI Brings Listeners Along for the Ride with Wrench Party Podcast

For as large as the automotive industry is, the space has historically been under represented across podcast platforms.

The team at ECRI is excited to announce the launch of their Wrench Party podcast – designed to educate and entertain off-road vehicle lovers. The podcast is recorded and produced in Springfield, MO at the efactory. 

Listen to Wrench Party's First Episode

The first episode of Wrench Party features ECRI founder Kevin Wyas and champion off-road racer Derek West.

Wrench Party is available on the following podcast platforms:

Amazon | Spotify | TuneIn | Stitcher | Player FM | Deezer | Podchaser | Listen Notes | Pocket Casts

About ECRI

ECRI is a wireless vehicle programmer that allows users to update calibrations directly from their mobile phone. Their patent-pending technology empowers auto enthusiasts to program a potentially unlimited number of settings on vehicles wirelessly via the ECRI app, something no other programmer can do. Founder Kevin Wyas launched after nearly 20 years in the automotive industry and extensive experience with scanning tools and vehicle programming. 

ECRI is an efactory private office client and was also named the winner of the efactory’s 2019 Pitch Contest.

Bells Marketing BMC Thrives Under Jonathan Bell, Teen Entrepreneur

February 24, 2022Members

Bells Marketing - BMC Thrives Under Jonathan Bell, Teen Entrepreneur

Meet Jonathan Bell, Founder of Bells Marketing Consultant - BMC

It’s no secret that today’s teenagers tend to spend a lot of time online. Whether they’re producing videos for Tik Tok, posting daily to Instagram or managing their longest-running Snapchat streak, teens have a pulse on today’s social media trends. And while most teens are content to keep their social media activity strictly for fun, Jonathan Bell has taken a decidedly different approach.

Jonathan Bell is a Springfield teenager who decided to turn his social media expertise into a business. Bell, now a senior at Parkview High School, founded Bells Marketing Consultant – BMC In April 2020 when he was only 16 years old. 

As an undeniable ‘Gen Z-er’, Bell grew up surrounded by technology and was a regular user of blogs, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube from an early age. During his time on these platforms he learned the ins and outs of interpreting analytics, increasing ranking results, and more. Now he’s putting those skills to work helping small, medium and enterprise-level businesses.

Helping Businesses Grow

Bell and his team offer a wide range of digital services, including search engine optimization (SEO), paid social media advertising strategies, website development, and more.

“Small businesses love working with us because we hear their stories, provide passion and results, and maintain great communication,” Jonathan says. “Our purpose is to help businesses stand out against their competition and establish a greater footprint.” 

Today Bell’s firm has worked with more than a dozen local businesses as well as several out-of-state companies. The work has BMC on track to nearly double profits this year. 

Jonathan Bell, Founder of BMC

Learn More about Jonathan Bell & BMC

Want to learn more? You can get in touch with BMC online and can also schedule the consultation that’s right for you. 

If you’re looking for Jonathan you can frequently find him working from the efactory’s coworking space, playing cello in advanced orchestra, on the piano in jazz band, or attending organizational meetings for the Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB), a new leadership program offered at all five Springfield public high schools. 

Bell has also been profiled in the Springfield News-Leader’s “Future of the Ozarks” series, which spotlights extraordinary students in the Ozarks with an incredible talent, accomplishment, or passion for helping others.