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When you’re ready to make your dream a reality, we’re here to help.

Meet with a Consultant

We provide no cost 1:1 consultations that will help you start your business on solid footing. Schedule a quick, 10-minute introductory call to learn how we can help.

What You Need to Know

Envision a strong start for your business. Through a dynamic mix of coaching, mentorship, training and technical assistance, our expert team will help you with business planning, market research, talent development and more. Our services will help you get started and create a plan for future growth, providing guidance on a wide range of topics.

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Business Planning

We can help guide you through building a business plan to fit your needs.

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Financial Projections

How much money do you need to start? When can you expect a profit? We’ll help you build projections to minimize risk.

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Business Training

We offer training sessions on a variety of business subjects.

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Technology Commercialization

Do you have a new technology? Our team can help build out a plan to fund and sell your new tech.

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Legal Assistance

The University of Missouri School of Law & Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic offers no-cost services to small businesses.

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Loan Assistance

Do you know how to approach a lender with your new business plan? We’ll help develop a plan and projections so you’re ready.



Our mentorship network connects you to experienced business professionals with a wide range of expertise.

Watch On-Demand Business Training

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Are you thinking about starting a new business? Or have you recently started a business and want to make sure you’re set up for success?

We offer an on-demand training platform designed for new and emerging businesses. This expert-led, easy-to-understand content can be accessed anywhere, at any time.


Early-Stage Business Boot Camp

Get plugged into this 8-week program for aspiring and current small business owners.

Around the Region

Need access to business resources in your local community? We’ve got you covered.

Show Off Your New App or Technology

Working on innovative R&D with potential to commercialize? We can help you navigate from concept to customer.

We provide no cost 1:1 consultations to help you bring your product to market. Schedule an introductory meeting with our Technology & Commercialization Specialist to learn more.

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MSU Course Projects

We work closely with business clients and Missouri State University classes on special partnerships known as course projects. These projects give businesses fresh insights while providing students with real-world experience and business insights. Undergraduate and graduate level classes work on projects for business clients related to marketing, management and more.

Do you have a business idea you want to explore? Our  Feasibility Study project  teams you up with students in the Entrepreneurship Program to explore your idea and take some of the uncertainty out of starting a new business.

Want to know how you could improve your digital presence? Need to engage in a more meaningful way online? Our marketing students will build and create a social media strategy (and content) for you and analyze digital performance data. 

Do you have financial data, and not sure what it means or what you could be doing better? Our Accounting projects include: capital budgeting and cash flow analysis, creation/improvement of internal reporting mechanisms, establishing balanced scorecard metrics, or using regression tools to develop reporting and/or predictive analytics. 

Are you looking to expand your company through strategic growth? Whether you are seeking to expand into a new market, diversify your products and services, or develop a strategic marketing plan for growth, this semester-long project, graduate-level program can offer solutions. Students engage your target customers through primary research and secondary research to provide actionable recommendations.

Need fresh ideas to reach more customers? Our  Advertising project  pairs your business with MSU Advertising and Promotions classes to create a multi-channel advertising campaign.

Are you looking to grow your workforce and engage more with your employees? We work with Industrial-Organizational Psychology graduate courses on business projects including developing, reviewing or enhancing your employee selection process as well as survey development to measure employee engagement, job analysis and more.

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