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Happy 10th anniversary to efactory

This March, the efactory hits a huge milestone – our 10th anniversary. If this were a wedding, it would be the tin or aluminum anniversary.

Ever wondered why?

Tin and aluminum were selected to represent this anniversary because they are durable materials that sustain the test of time. More than that, they’re malleable and flexible, which allows them to be a symbol of longevity.

We’re growing and changing, too

On the efactory’s 10th anniversary, we’re announcing some changes and growth, causing us to flex and come out even stronger.

As of Jan. 1, all non-credit training opportunities previously housed in the outreach office on Missouri State University’s campus were brought into the efactory.

We also welcomed student employment services so that we can better connect the community to our talented pool of MSU students.

Thankful for a great team

With this, four employees transitioned to our team:

We have also added three new employees to our team:

  • Emily Denniston joined us March 8 as Director, Community Engagement and Operations.
  • Nicki Donnelson joined us Feb. 27 as Director, Marketing and Communication.
  • Emily Melton joined the team Feb. 1. As our administrative specialist, she’ll be the new friendly face to welcome members, partners and the community into efactory.

And we’ve also promoted some of our fantastic staff who will continue to lead various areas throughout the efactory:

Upcoming Training Programs and Events

Save the date and register now for our upcoming training programs. Discounts are available for Supporting, Executive and Innovation Champion Partners.