Member Info

Find everything you need to know about the efactory. Don’t hesitate to let us know if we can answer any questions or provide more info!

Member Info

All efactory members will get an MSU access card. These cards are used to access your workspace, conference rooms, phone rooms, and the business suite. We will request your access card after your new member form is submitted.

Members will receive an email when their access card is ready for pick up. 

Members can reserve conference and phone rooms through Teem using a web browser or the iPad display outside each conference room. You will receive an invitation to join Teem after completing the new member form. Members are expected to utilize meeting rooms for work related to their member company. Please do not reserve rooms for community groups, boards, or nonprofits you are associated with.

The larger meeting spaces can be reserved through efactory staff. These rooms do include a charge. Contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

No reservations are required for the phone booths or the conference tables in Coworking – they’re open if they aren’t occupied!

Our exterior doors are unlocked Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. except for MSU Holidays. Private office and dedicated desk coworking clients can access the building 24/7 via access cards.

No cannabis or related products are allowed to be present on university property, including the efactory inside Plaster Free Enterprise Center. This includes growing, manufacturing, using and/or selling cannabis. Violation can result in immediate termination. 

Please encourage your visitors to check in on the iPad inside the business suite. They will select your name (as their host) and you will receive an email/text/Slack message that they are here. Coming to the front and meeting your guest is much easier than them wandering the building looking for you!

Trash cans will be emptied daily by MSU custodial services. We have a broom, dustpan, and vacuum available for check out at the front desk. You are responsible for any other cleaning supplies.

We provide coffee (The Coffee Ethic!) free of charge for all members of the efactory. Coffee is located in airpots in The Perch.

Our efactory team does our best to keep the airpots full, but should you need coffee and there isn’t any out, you are more than welcome to make it. The coffee maker (and instructions) are in the kitchen inside the business suite. Please don’t make a full pot of coffee after 4:00 p.m. – it tends to end up just sitting overnight and being thrown out.

We’re partnering with the Springfield Compost Collective to reduce our environmental impact. There is now a composting bin in the vending area next to our other recycling options. This is where you can put your food waste from your meals. It is picked up every Wednesday afternoon. 

Each conference room and phone room has a conference phone, TV, HDMI and USB cables, and a whiteboard. Clients are expected to bring their own device to connect via the HDMI and USB cables. If you need an adapter, clicker, or other presentation technology, please visit the front desk.

We work hard to secure discounts that help clients save money. Contact us for the most recent version of the discount guide.

In case of emergency:  Call 911 or 417-836-5509
The MSU Emergency Response Plan can be found here. Designated shelter areas are internal hallways, bathrooms, coworking and the GO CAPS/Accelerator space (Office 1025). For fire, exit building via north, east or west doors and proceed to lot 47 or 48, depending on exit.

In addition to WiFi, each private office includes a VLAN port for a secure connection when plugged in. 

There is a kitchen and self-service vending area in the atrium. Please help us keep this counter, sink, and microwave clean. Any items left at the end of the day will be thrown away.

There is a refrigerator in the business suite kitchen and another in Coworking. Please label any/all items you place in a refrigerator. Any unlabeled items are considered fair game for anyone to have!

Receiving Mail: Members can have mail and packages sent to the efactory. Please review labels and be careful to take only your personal mail or packages from the mail area.

We also encourage you to sign up for Informed Delivery through each carrier.

Sending Mail: Stamped and addressed USPS mail can be left in the Outgoing Mail basket at the front desk inside the business suite.

All new employees will need to complete the New Member Form. After completing the form we’ll request their access card, provide access to Teem, Slack, etc.

Members in private offices may paint the interior office walls, if desired. Members will be required to pay a Facilities Fee, which covers the cost of having the office repainted when a member moves out.

Please contact us if you are interested in painting your private office to discuss the required Facilities Fee. All paint must be latex-based.

Private office clients and dedicated desk coworking members can get a parking pass after completing a Parking Form. Free guest parking is available in the front parking lot and along the street.

We have a day-to-day parking map and an event parking map for days when we’re hosting events.

Note – If you have a parking pass and park in the front guest lot you will be ticketed.

Payments for private offices and coworking memberships are made online through Missouri State’s payment portal, CashNet.

Check out our CashNet How-To Guides for help creating an account and making payments.

There are several different ways for efactory members to print in the building. Find information about connecting to printers here.

Aluminum Cans & Plastic Bottles: You can recycle your cans and bottles in the bin in the vending area, by the back exit or in the business suite kitchen.

Cardboard: Flatten your box and bring it to the cardboard recycling station by the loading dock/north exit. Look for the sign and drop it off!

Glass: Bring any washed glass to the bin in the business suite kitchen.

Paper: Collect paper from your office and empty it into the maroon bin by the loading dock/north exit. Small bins can also be found in the vending area and by the back exit.

We have an awesome Slack channel for the efactory. Members are added automatically after submitting a new member form. Check your spam folders or contact us if you need to be added again.

Keypad-controlled filing cabinets are available to rent by private office and coworking members. Rolling cabinets are an additional $15 per month. Please contact us if you’re interested in renting a rolling filing cabinet.

We change our WiFi password regularly. Signage and cards with password information are dispersed throughout the building and inside all conference rooms.